How to make a wall garden with succulent plants in picture frames

Do this clever new method to bring existence for your garden walls

Bring colour and interest to the tiniest area inside your garden by developing a living wall with plants in mirrors. It”s an effective way of brightening up a monotonous wall – and cost-effective, too!

You are able to get the succulents that fill them for any couple of pounds, and employ moss to fill the gaps, which may be foraged free of charge. Moss thrives in moist and shady areas, which means you might be able to think it is around the sides of trees, on rocks and around garden structures.

Then you definitely”l only need a couple of mirrors, which you’ll get cheaply at charitable organization shops or at high-street favourites like Wilko or IKEA, and a few paint. Matthew Brown from Sandtex explains how you can put everything together…

Steps to make a wall garden with succulent plants in mirrors


Image credit: Sandtex

Here”s that which you”ll have to create to produce your presented wall gardens:

  • Mirrors
  • Sandpaper
  • Methylated spirits
  • Lint-free cloth
  • Sandtex ten year Exterior Primer Undercoat
  • Paintbrush
  • Sandtex ten year Exterior Gloss
  • Chicken wire
  • Staple gun
  • Succulents and moss

1. Select your frames

Choose different shapes and sizes of frames 
for a varied look. Take away the backing and front glass, then rub lower the frame having a cloth to get rid of any dust or dirt.

2. Sand the top

Make use of a P180/P240 grade sandpaper to smooth the frame”s surface. Pull out and degrease the wood with methylated spirits utilizing a lint-free cloth. This provides paint the perfect opportunity to bond on timber. When the frame is metal, use mineral spirits and take away peeling paint by hands-wire brushing.

3. Prime the frames

Give a coat of primer undercoat, making certain the entire frame is included. Leave to dry.

4. Choose a paint colour

Pick a colour from Sandtex”s ten year Exterior Gloss collection and apply 2 to 3 jackets evenly within the primed frame. Leave to dry completely in between each application.

5. Produce a base for that plants

Staple chicken wire across the rear of the frames to supply the bottom for that greenery. Make sure the wire is pulled tightly.

6. Add greenery

Using moss and succulents, entwine your greenery round the wire. You may want to pinch the wire together to secure each plant in position. Keep filling before the wire is hidden. Fix the frames towards the wall.

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We like this project – you can even obtain the kids active in the painting and planting should you supervise them carefully. Also it”s a fast method to improve your garden prior to the summer time.

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