Good Clean Fun: How to Build an Outdoor Shower

Expand your shower choices to the truly amazing outdoors — it’s simpler to complete than you may think!

Outside showers may appear just like a luxury — something which only individuals with beach houses would want or perhaps be fortunate enough to have. But an enthusiastic gardener, runner or someone who enjoys the liberty of bathing anyway, you might consider an outside shower for your own personel home.

Lucky for you personally, outside showers are an accessible feature for almost anybody. The treatment depends about how complex or simple you would like your shower to become. An easy outside shower with cold water costs roughly $1,000 or fewer. An outside shower by having an enclosure and cold and hot water will run about $4,000-$8,000.

Listed here are four points to consider before going for it by yourself little bit of outside bathing paradise.


This is among the most significant factors. It”s better to select a place that you employ frequently. Generally, anywhere close to the back entrance to your house is a great choice — maybe next to the rear door or around the back deck. For those who have a swimming pool, situate the shower nearby for simple rinses pre and post swimming.

Another major consideration is plumbing access. Unless of course you”re installing the kind of shower that attaches to some hose, you”ll have to do the installation near to existing plumbing.

Finally, choose a sunny place. This helps keep mildew and mold away and supply natural warmth when you rinse.


Privacy is a reasonably essential consideration, unless of course you believe only bathing suit-clad individuals will make use of the outside shower. You would like the shower to feel private and from prying eyes, but you should also keep your natural feeling.

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A simple and adjustable option is a free standing folding screen. These screens work particularly well on decks and patios, where it may be impractical to construct any kind of wall.

An alternative choice is building corrugated metal wing walls to produce a shower “corner” of sorts, where swimmers can rinse following a dip. You may make this more private with the addition of another wall towards the design. Obviously, there”s always the greater elaborate option, which is always to surround the shower with wooden walls.


The easiest and many affordable plumbing option, and something that lots of people choose, is really a shower linked to an outdoor hose, that is then connected to an outdoors faucet. This cold-water fixture is ideal for an outside shower that”s used only within the heat of summer time and mostly to clean off dirt and sand.

Next may be the hot-and-cold hose option. First, you”ll require a plumber to set up an outside hot-water faucet near the cold one. After that, it essentially works similarly towards the cold-hose shower.

Probably the most elaborate — and many costly — may be the plumbed-in outside shower. This really is worth purchasing should you anticipate consistent outside showers and not simply clearing up following a hot day under the sun. The only real disadvantage to this method: If you reside in a place with freezing winters, you need to make certain you are able to fully drain and insulate the plumbing therefore it doesn”t burst.


The easiest and many common drainage product is letting the used water drain to your yard. Should you don”t have very porous ground on your lawn, or maybe the outside shower is close to your house, consider attaching the plumbing to your house”s drainage pipes or installing a French drain (basically a gravel-lined funnel linked to a pipe that directs water to some drainage area).

The simplest factor to complete, obviously, is to choose the very first option and recycle water to your garden.


Incorporate affordable accessories that increase the fun and pleasure of showering outdoors. A sizable rain fall showerhead enhances that outside feeling, and plants or flowers in the shower area or peeping with the enclosure give a unique touch.

Then add soft solar-powered lights for showering in the evening, install hooks for hanging towels and wet swimsuits, and even perhaps give a chair to sit down in. Most significantly, create your shower to benefit from nature”s views, whether that”s heaven overhead or even the splendor of the garden.

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With somewhat planning and energy, you are able to install your personal outside shower and remain awesome throughout the sunnier several weeks.

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