Antique furniture: How to choose a statement piece

Anyone who has perused an antique store knows that there are usually hundreds, if not thousands, of small items for sale. Often cheaper (but not always) there”;s something about purchasing a small antique piece that doesn”;t feel quite as intimidating as committing to something larger -; a dipping of the toes if you will. But there”;s no denying that a well-placed, statement antique can have major impact in both modern and retro interiors alike; but where does one start when setting out to purchase one?

I caught up with Sydney Fair exhibitor and antiques expert and purveyor Robbie Carter (of Eclectic Find) recently to glean some expert tips.

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Like most things in life, good things come to those who wait, and this maxim is especially true when it comes to finding a fabulous antique. “;Patience is often the key. It can take time to find the right piece, that”;s why it is called antique hunting! I actually have a customer wait list for people on the hunt for a special and specific statement piece,”; says Robbie.

Go with your gut

“;Find a piece that really speaks to you and says take me home! if it is painful to walk away then you probably shouldn”;t because unlike other mass-produced decor pieces you may never find another one exactly the same,”; says Robbie. Like that pair of shoes you just can”;t stop thinking about, sometimes it”;s best to pounce so as to avoid regret down the line.

Be bold

I favour this attitude when it comes to most interior decisions but it certainly goes without saying when it comes to purchasing a statement antique. “;Don”;t be afraid to be bold and daring. The more unusual and rarer the bigger the wow factor and the chance to show your individuality,”; says Robbie.

Don”;t be afraid to mix old & new

There”;s no doubt that antiques have enduring appeal and we”;ve spoken to experts in the past who have demonstrated just how amazing they can look in modern homes and Robbie agrees. “;Antique pieces often have a time worn look and a beautiful aged patina that make a striking contrast when placed in a modern interior -; this enhances the beauty of both the piece and its surrounds. I find these pieces draw the eye to certain sections of the home and gives a modern home character, depth and personality,”; says Robbie says that a feature wall that combines antique and contemporary art is one of her favourite looks.

What”;s trending?

As for what is currently trending, Robbie admits it”;s an eclectic mix that ranges from oil paintings to champagne buckets and Hollywood Regency pieces.

“;Original antique artworks, especially oil paintings and portraits are very popular. A lot of my customers own Airbnb”;s or are stylists looking to create an interesting gallery wall. Likewise, pieces for entertaining and creating a beautiful table scape are popular too -; think authentic French champagne buckets, crystal ware, candle sticks and cutlery,”; says Robbie who cites bookends, inlaid Victorian boxes and anything Hollywood Regency as popular too. “;Especially wall sconces and anything Mid Century bamboo.”;

The Sydney Fair is the state”;s largest fair showcasing an exclusive range of antiques, jewellery, arts and some of the country”;s most significant and rare objects. The Fair runs Thursday 30 May -; Sunday 2 June 2019, at the Kensington Room, Royal Randwick Racecourse. Purchase tickets.

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