4 New Home Features That Any Busy Family Can Appreciate

A mudroom with white cubbies and shelves and gray tile flooring in a new home by Lexington Homes at Lexington Towne at Arlington Heights in Arlington Heights, Ill.

Forever erase questions like “Where”s my coat?” and “Where”s my backpack?” on busy mornings. A mudroom, such as this one inside a new house at Lexington Towne at Arlington Heights by Lexington Homes in Arlington Heights, Ill., supplies a cubby and storage for every member of the family to put jackets, footwear, bags and much more within an orderly manner.

When school”s in session, your family”s schedule changes.

Any busy family recognizes that throughout the school year, time can be used efficiently to make certain kids focus on every day of learning and they reach school promptly and therefore are selected up and driven to the extracurricular activities. None of the makes up about time it requires to create breakfast and dinner which help youngsters with homework. Whew!

Just how can families find relief? A brand new home!

While a brand new home may be unable to complete that experiment for that school science fair that”s due tomorrow, a brand new house is ideally suitable for help busy families keep things organized and neat due to functional features. Any busy family can appreciate these four new-home features: 1) functional kitchen islands, 2) mudrooms, 3) laundry rooms around the first and second floors and 4) easily placed new-home communities with kid-friendly amenities.

1. The Household That Kitchens Together

Let”s go ahead and take kitchen, a hub for your loved ones on the busy week day or perhaps a lazy weekend. A sizable kitchen island is fantastic for families, states Shaun Benach, co-principal of Lexington Homes, as this helpful feature might help families multitask.

“The entire family benefits when kids possess a space where they are able to easily disseminate with projects and worksheets and fogeys could be within earshot to supply homework help whilst keeping dinner on the right track,” Benach stated inside a recent news release.

When selecting a countertop surface for the kitchen island, make certain to select a fabric that’ll be simple to clean, and can still look good. Industrious materials like quarta movement or laminate can offer budget-friendly durability, and can still look stylish too.

2. A spot for Footwear, Bags, Jackets

Search forget about for single footwear or important homework within bed or perhaps in a closet. Many new homes have a mudroom, usually quickly the doorway in the garage or near to a door, which has dedicated spaces to keep footwear, bags, jackets and much more.

A mudroom is essential to helping families keep clutter from all of those other home and helping them stay organized, states John Hoffman, a professional with Northbrook, Ill.-based Red Seal Homes.

“Kids are vulnerable to shedding everything the moment they set feet in the home after school, so parents love getting an excellent mudroom where each child includes a designated spot to take their backpack, coat along with other gear where it will likely be simple to find the following morning,” Hoffman stated in news reports release.

“Because we know precisely how important this functional feature is perfect for families, we really give buyers in our single-homes an allowance for finishing their mudroom,” he added.

A perfect mudroom may have cabinets and cubbies for storing products, but probably possess a bench so kiddos can sit while taking footwear off or wearing them. Other storage provides space for products for example important documents, keys, mobile phones along with other products that may be easily lost through the home. A note board, whether a magnetic whiteboards, blackboard or perhaps a cork board, might help help remind family people of important dates like physician”s appointments, sporting occasions and birthdays.

3. Laundry Rooms are the most useful Friend You Won’t Ever Understood You’d

Kids undergo so, a lot of clothes. Meaning piles and piles of laundry to cope with. Again, a brand new home won”t really perform the laundry for you personally, but two laundry rooms is really a feature you won’t ever understood you desired. If you’re creating a two-story home and also have school-aged children, absolutely consider placing a laundry room on the foremost and second floors.

“Most in our buyers love the benefit of the second-floor laundry room for his or her regular laundry, however, many people are also coping with sports uniforms, gym clothes as well as muddy or wet snow gear their kids buy from soccer practice to clean every single day,” stated Ken Fixler, president of Northbrook, Ill.-based builder Barnett Homes, in news reports release. “Having another laundry area, especially close to the mudroom, enables parents to deal with individuals bulky and frequently extra-dirty products individually, without transporting them with the house towards the second-floor laundry room. Plus, it keeps individuals products organized where kids won”t forget them because they mind out of the door each morning.”

4. Location, Location, Location

Another new-home feature that benefits families with kids may be the community. New-home communities frequently feature amenities like parks, community centers, pools and much more. For those who have an energetic child (and, who doesn”t?), all the different amenities which will keep the children active and outdoors can help you stay sane which help kids remain healthy.

Some communities are providing resort-style amenities, for example learning labs at Houston”s Meridiana and community gardens, which will keep kids active both physically and intellectually. Don”t forget to determine what communities can be found near top school districts to make sure you”re near to quality schools.

Patricia L. Garcia is definitely an award-winning journalist and former content manager for NewHomeSource. You’ll find her on Google+.

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